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Speaking Events:   ​Mr. Altobella has travelled across the United States, as well as several other countries, advocating, teaching, and speaking on a wide-range of topics in a variety of settings, from national association conferences and corporate events, to academic institutions. Using his background and extensive experience in rehabilitation therapy, healthcare management, and association leadership,  Mr. Altobella is able to provide vision, leadership, understanding, and motivation to convey the key issues in the changing healthcare landscape with a unique level of accessibility and inspiration.   To schedule Mr. Altobella to visit and inspire your organization, please click here.

Mentoring:  Based upon his years of experience in leadership, supervision, and guidance of thousands of healthcare professionals over the past 25 years, Mr. Altobella passionately continues to mentor many successful leaders, groups, and teams of healthcare professionals in defining and achieving their career, business, and professional objectives.  With a customized program to help enable and empower success, Mr. Altobella​ supports and guides both individuals and organizations in their planning, growth, and ultimate ability to succeed and prosper.   For further information on how to access Mr. Altobella's programs, please click here.

​​Industry Leadership:  Recognized thru his participation in service and leadership with various national professional organizations such as the National Association of Rehab Providers & Agencies, (NARA), as well as The American Speech-Language Hearing Association, (ASHA), Mr. Altobella has become a standard bearer for leadership in the rehabilitation therapy and subsequently the healthcare industry.    He has a unique level of experience and proven results in leading and facilitating positive industry transformation both on a national and localized level.   Mr. Altobella and the Synapse Health Group can collaborate with your team to innovate and transform your organization into a leading one as well.

Contact the Synapse​ Health Group for more information on how Mr. Altobella & Synapse's team can connect your organization today with tomorrow's solutions.